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RGB SMD Module


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RGB tricolor access the current limiting resistor to prevent burn out.The PWM modulator with three primary colors can be mixed in different colors with a variety of microcontroller interface.RGB LEDs are Tri-color LEDs with red, green, and blue emitters, in general using a four-wire connection with one common lead (anode or cathode). These LEDs can have either common positive or common negative leads. Others however, have only two leads (positive and negative) and have a built in tiny electronic control unit.

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Out of stock

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  • Forward voltage:
    Red 1.80-2.40V
    Green 2.80-3.60V
    Blue 2.80-3.60V
  • Wavelength:
    Red 620 — 630nm
    Green 515 — 530nm
    Blue 460 — 475nm
  • Luminous Intensity:
    Red 100 mcd
    Green 400mcd
    Blue 100mcd
  • Operating Temperature:-25〜+85 ℃
  • Forward Current:20 mA




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