About Us

What is ePro Labs

ePro Labs is an online store and a collaboration platform for electronic enthusiasts. We at ePro Labs are all about electronics and making interesting stuff with electronics, if you are on the same bus, we are glad to have met you. On this site you will find everything you need to further your electronic interests. Electronic items, information, project ideas and above all fellow electronic enthusiasts. We are working towards creating India’s first and comprehensive community based on electronics.

Who started ePro Labs

ePro Labs is an initiative by Ensemble Tech, a company founded in 2003. Ensemble Tech, specializes in customized embedded solutions and over the years have worked on 100s of projects for diverse clients and industries. You can know more about Ensemble Tech here. The management at Ensemble Tech is all electronics at heart and hence when this idea of an online store and community for electronic enthusiasts came up, they acted on it without a second thought.

And Why

We want to bring together electronic enthusiasts. Be it in your neighborhood, in your city, in your state and all over India (and if everything works out perhaps from all over the world). Why do we want to do that? Because every hobby, every interest and every passion needs sharing and co-working to sustain and grow. So we want you to work with electronics, collaborate with fellow enthusiasts and continue to work with electronics. That way you will grow and we will grow with you – simple right?

So…let’s get started, shall we?